Emilio Duró

Emilo Duró is the most optimistic man I ever heard, full of energy, passion, conviction and positivism. He has exhibited his theories in the mainstream media. Author of numerous articles in trade publications and broadcast. The seminars and lectures taught, mostly are focused on developing pro-active attitudes in humans: Increasing life expectancy,  the new time management implications of this longevity; the development of the coefficient of optimism and enthusiasm management facing new challenges; how to overcome fears and take responsibility for our decisions for goal setting, allowing us to design our own road.

The Gruffalo’s Child

When I saw this at the first time in english version, I was totally astonished, it is certainly the perfect soundtrack with a perfect voices and appealing characters in a beautiful story. Magical voice from Helena Bonham Carter, I love it!!!

The Bass guitar solo by Drunken Bear

Great solo animation from the studio RotaryPark


Cloudrise from Denver Jackson on Vimeo.

Rise and shine – motivation


Calimero – Teaser 3D

Calimero – Teaser 3D from Alphanim on Vimeo.

Disney Short : Paperman – Oscar Nominated 2013

Inspirational: What if money has no object???

Spectacular inspirational stuff: “What if money has no object????

Film Clip: Pixar’s ‘The Blue Umbrella’

Joe Bowers Interview – Disney


JoeBowers Interview from Frame By Frame on Vimeo.